How AI Fails Us

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The existing vision for artificial intelligence dangerously misconstrues intelligence as autonomous rather than social and relational.

The Mechanics of the COVID-19 Testing Supply Chain: Version 2.0

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To deliver a safe social opening by June 30, we need to deliver 5 million tests per day with results returned in 12-24 hours. The number of test results delivered will need to increase to 20 million per day by July 30 to fully remobilize the economy.

Why We Must Test Millions a Day

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This paper tries to fill this gap with rough and preliminary but easily explicable calculations. These suggest that, depending on what tracing technology is used in conjunction with testing, at least millions and possibly hundreds of millions of tests per day will be needed.

Outpacing the Virus: Digital Response to Containing the Spread of COVID-19 while Mitigating Privacy Risks

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There is a growing consensus that we must use a combined strategy of medical and technological tools to provide us with response at a scale that can outpace the speed and proliferation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A process of identifying exposed individuals who have come into contact with diagnosed individuals, called “contact tracing,” has been shown to effectively enable suppression of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Important concerns around protecting patient’s confidentiality and civil liberties, and lack of familiarity with available privacy-protecting technologies, have both led to suboptimal privacy implementations and hindered adoption.

Mobilizing the Political Economy for COVID-19

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Our third white paper examining wider questions of the pandemic’s impact on policy is “Mobilizing the Political Economy for COVID-19,” by E. Glen Weyl and Rajiv Sethi. Abstract COVID-19 threatens every aspect of global society.  Addressing it requires a full mobilization of our political economy.  This contrasts with a typical “endogenous” recession arising from internal […]

Securing Justice, Health, and Democracy
against the COVID-19 Threat

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The first white paper examining the impact of the pandemic on democracy is Securing Justice, Health, and Democracy against the COVID-19 Threat, by Danielle Allen, Lucas Stanczyk, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar, Rajiv Sethi, Glen Weyl, and Rosa Brooks. You can also find Danielle Allen’s associated op-ed in the Washington Post, “America Needs to Be on a War Footing,” […]